The Renaissance Man Who Loves and Supports Our Children

Answering the Call of Duty

My name is Nathaniel Borrell Dyer and I love children. I am a bachelor with no biological children, but I have advocated, mentored and taught children as if they were my own. For the past 12 years of my life, I can attribute my passion for children to my mother’s tireless dedication of 33 years as a retired educator. She provided me with a sound blueprint for success and longevity in educating children.

I attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi where I majored in graphic communications. I also did a summer stint at Alcorn State University. After leaving college, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia on March 1, 1996. Rolling in with the Olympics, my goal was to become one of the greatest graphic and fine artist in the world.

Professionally, I have worked in Corporate America in all facets of design from Print Production Manager to Senior Art Director. Some of the companies I have worked for are MCI Worldcom, Gannett Co. Inc. and Bank of America. As an entrepreneur, some of my clients have been The Carter Center, National CASA and the Morehouse School of Medicine.

As a community activist, I created KIDS FIRST! which is a youth organization. During the summer months, we provide free breakfasts, lunches and enrichment for children up to 18 years of age. Through this initiative, we have been able to employ and manage a team of 12 teens and 18 adults. We also advocate on behalf of children for a better educational experience. We have had great success in changing policy around  the needs of our children. Some examples of this would be rallying to save schools from closure, fighting to restore bus service and making sure that children have books for class.

I enjoy teaching art and creative writing to children of all ages throughout the city. I am the host and producer of a TV show called The Anthem with FierceSoul which deals with community affairs. My hobbies are art, music composition and poetry. I enjoy dancing and I LOVE LIFE!